Is Butler Grass Fed Certified Organic?

We are not Certified Organic. However, all of our beef is USDA approved and pesticides/chemicals are never used on our grass. Both our beef and pastures are 100% natural.

How is my beef packaged?

Our beef is packaged under strict USDA guidelines. Each cut is individually vacuum packaged allowing you to see the meat through the packaging. Vacuum packaged meat will keep for up to 3 years when properly handled.

Do you use antibiotics or growth hormones?


What does Grass Fed, Grass Finished mean?

Simply grass from start to finish.

Why Idaho?

Idaho’s high mountain grass and natural spring water produce the ideal environment for healthy and happy beef.

How do you cook Grass Fed beef?

Butler Grass Fed beef has less fat than typical store bought beef and will therefore cook 30% faster. Do not overcook your BGF beef or you will lose all of the health benefits that led you to Butler Grass Fed in the first place.